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Supernatural Doujinshi Scanlations
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English Translated Doujinshi of Supernatural
( Rules and Guidelines )
- This community provides doujinshi scanlations of the TV-Series: Supernatural.

- The community is a members only group. So, if you want to see the scanlations, you have to leave a comment in the public post, tell me there what the main rule of this comm is and then hit the join button. Members that have a journal which appears to be dead can be kicked out; 'cause we don't want sock puppet accounts/spammers!

- MAIN RULE: Don't post the translated scans somewhere else.

- spn_doujinshi is a non-profit scanlation comm. The scanlations are therefore for private use only and NOT FOR SALE in any way, shape, or form.

- I upload all the scans to Mediafire in both RAR and ZIP files. If there is a broken link please tell me so I can fix it.

- Some of the scans are not mine, so please consider the scanners who actually bought the doujinshi and scanned them for all of us to see. They are awesome!

- Because of the various of scanners, you may find here any pairing from SPN.

- If you can, please support the artist by buying the copies. This way they can make more and then, hopefully, I can provide more scanlations. Show some love to the artists/circles!

- Comments are very much appreciated, though I'm not forcing you to. I just love to read what you thought about the doujinshi <3

( Pairings I have to offer )

( Scanlation Team )
Translator: focaccina
Translator: hyul
Editor: doodlelover
Editor: nadadie

Founder/Typesetter/Scanner/Editor: lotroth

I made this place because of my love for doujinshi's and because I was willing to pay for the English translations.
I scan most of my doujinshi's and then put the text into the scans for the actual scanlations.
I love to share these scanlations so that other fans can read and enjoy them too.

Japanese to English Translators are always welcome <3

( Thank you's and Affiliates )
- arachne13 for sharing her point of view and giving me the idea to start a comm.
- nadadie for helping me starting this comm; giving me advice where needed.
- Scanners: thank you very much for your generosity. You are the best! <3

- The Sam/Dean, Dean/Sam, Jared/Jensen and Jensen/Jared icons are all made by kros_21.
Liking her style? You can find her graphics community here -> domo_mea
- The Cas/Dean icon is made by temporalranger


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